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Be Doing well

Job opportunities are available throughout the world but many people showed very little to fill the void. However, this is not the situation a decade ago while working from home is a completely new concept. Growth trends, the number of jobs increased while the number of employees has remained stagnant. Because it can work from […]

Benefits of Using Augmented Reality Programming For Business presence online

Everyone knows that a business without a website is no business at all. Brick-and-mortar look at the advantages of online stores not only in terms of reaching a wider market, but also in terms of overhead costs. On the other hand, the presence of online business understand how to have a positive experience on the […]

5 Important Elements to Make Your Video explainer Success

Want to display your products, applications or services in a manner appealing and fresh while getting the attention and imagination of your audience? No we are talking about “corporate video” approach God’s voice-of-grandfather. We mean good storytelling entertaining AND disarm. In other words, “un-marketing marketing.” (And PS you only have three minutes or less to […]

Is Your Data Towards Disaster?

There is no shortage of data disaster story. It seems every day company, organization or even a government agency reported that endanger their information buttocks. There is also the story of a failed backup server, a bolt of lightning and the ghost in the machine that makes the company and personal data is corrupt and […]

Extract, Transform and Load: The Process ETL

It is inevitable that each transaction, the organizations involved are fully aware of all relevant transaction data so that a decision can be arrived at without any ambiguity, with full transparency and signed with mutual satisfaction. In today’s world of cloud computing, the amount of data stored in different formats is mindboggling. Natural result is […]

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