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Difference Between DPI and PPI Design and Printing

There is often confusion over the term of the images and print resolution. You can often see the DPI and PPI was exchanged and was wondering what is the measurement of DPI and PPI difference. Technically convert both counts. 300dpi = 300ppi, 72dpi = 72ppi, and more. The term itself means different things.PPI or “Pixels […]

Computer Forensics – How Digital Evidence Is Collected

But we are not yet in the world of surveillance and security? Of Foucault’s ideas of discipline and punishment, the idea of ​​’big brother’ is known and not implemented for many years. Moreover, Bentham’s panopticon style Jail just looks, designed to keep inmates watch without knowing, completely changed the face tracking in today’s day and […]

Top 2 Benefits of Computer Recycling

Computers should not be disposed of with other waste. You should consider bring it to a designated recycling depot in your area. Recent computer leaner, smaller and with advanced features when compared to the old version. This has seen the need for recycling. The first reason for recycling is a computer repair and availability of […]

Benefits of getting a Professional SEO Company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process to improve the search engine ranking of a particular online business. It also helps in generating higher traffic, thus increasing the possibility of selling the company. The companies that use SEO strategies to increase their virtual profits and simultaneously increase their brand awareness in the selected […]

How to Turn Your Open Source Website With Multi-Million Dollar Cash Bag

You will definitely adore how secret invention converts an open source website with the brand online. Open source has become a sensation at this time. Almost all business organizations are adopting open source technology to keep their finances affordable cost. IT giant players such as Google and Facebook have built their platform using open source […]

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