How to Redesign Your Website for Better Selling


Websites usually need a redesign in every few years in order to adapt to various changes in the online world. Apart from the current information that is updated as a result of the overhauling of the website, another more important reason for doing so is that customers trust the up-to-date websites more.

Sometimes the update also includes a logo redesign. Logo design Dubai based companies often advise their customers to have their logo updated as part of the redesign process. Many at times a logo may also be the ultimate obstacle to an unsatisfactory website traffic. If you haven’t done your homework before coming up with a logo, consider tweaking your logo a bit.

Remember that a website redesign includes various other aspects including the user interface, content and other features of the website as well. This means that redesigning a website is not the job of a mere developer and requires a forethought projection. This calls for strategic planning.

At the end of the day, we all want our bread and butter and so better selling has to be the major aim of our website redesign. Expert web design Dubai based agencies has outlined some important aspects to take into consideration when redesigning your website for selling to an even larger audience. This is how they go about it:

Redesigning Goals

First and foremost, the important question you need to ask: What are my redesigning goals? It is a question that will not tolerate any vague answers so focus on what’s relevant answers over the irrational ones. Given the newer designs coming in, a new look might as well be the only reason for redesigning. Information on the website must have outdated. Basically, it could be anything or everything. Decide what really requires change, mention them as goals, across those goals state how they can be accomplished and get to work.

Updated Content

There are statistics, numbers or any other information on the website that outdates with time. Not to forget the overall structure in which the content is placed also grows old and is not a part of the modern website structure anymore. Get in touch with your content team to mark those grey areas and fix them.

Needs of the Audience

Redesigning goals and the need to update content has to blend in with the needs and wants of the audience. How would you look into what your customers really desire? Take a look at the reviews they leave (both negative and positive), the keywords/categories that they use for searching topics of interest on your website, or you may also want to know why they get frustrated and leave. If you have the time, resources and budget, conduct a focus group of users to explore the possibilities. Finding out the potential problems may be the toughest of the tasks but it’s worth it.

Clearer Navigation

Most of the times navigation is the major reason that frustrates the customers. Observe your navigation very clearly and see how you can improve it for them. If you have a cluttered navigation, it must have been driving the customers crazy. Go for a clearer navigation with lesser, yet prominent, categories and divide the rest into those important categories where they can be found easily. Too many links and no search box can also be the reasons of declining traffic. Also, if a comprehensive sitemap is missing, add it some place where it’s visible.

Revamping the Graphic Designs

Flashing intros are quite fancy to look at but do our customers have the patience to take it? If you are unsure, conduct A/B testing to find out if it is the main cause of driving customers away. Another alternative could be to add ‘Skip intro’ button, prominently. Also consider the elaborate graphic design and see if it’s easily accessible and user friendly by all means. Say no to low contrast and lots of colors on one page because less is more.

Additional Features

Redesigning a website also includes adding new features, the ones that either customers have demanded for or you simply think you need to have to beat out your competitors. They may include, but not limited to, a live chat window, a forum, a library of how-to’s or useful tips or anything that may benefit your website. For references, you may want to look into what your competitors are up to but don’t limit yourself to what they are currently doing – go beyond their contemporary approach to get more out of it.

Follow the guideline with a strategic approach in mind and see how many problems you can solve and new ideas you can come up with. And remember, there’s always expert advice if you are stuck somewhere so get help from experienced web design agencies. They can help you fulfil your goals or conduct a thorough analysis of your website for you and provide sufficient results that are measurable. Decide what’s good for yourself and take the leap towards better selling today.

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