3 Key Web Design Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

What’s next in the world of digital design? Our web design experts in Oxford reveal the trends and tools you need to be looking at in the New Year. Oxford businesses need to look forward in order to take advantage of the innovative new trends in web design that could make or break a site in 2017. Find out more here:

  1. Mobile First and Foremost

All Oxford businesses and businesses in the rest of the UK need to be aware of this particular trend, which was marked in 2016 but will get ever more important in the year to come. Sites are increasingly designed for mobile devices first, and then worked up to full screens. Mobile access is highly important – more and more people are accessing content on their mobiles and tablets, and many do not touch a full sized screen. Designing first for smaller screens means getting rid of any information and browsing that is not strictly necessary, and designers then add on additional features for larger screens. This is not a new trend but Oxford web design experts believe it will be foremost in many new site designs this year.


  1. Responsive Design Implementation

This is also not a new concept and not technically a new trend, but it will grow so important in 2017 it is worth looking closely at responsive design. The key to responsive design is to create a single site that dynamically adjusts to display on different devices. Contents and design are tailored towards the device, giving users a more usefully structured experience. When it comes to Web design Oxford firms are seeing the benefits of responsive design as it allows for just one site design, which can work out as more economical.


  1. Greater Originality and Fewer Stock Images

The trend in the past few years has been towards many websites looking and working in the same way, thanks to WordPress and other easy to build packages. So in 2017 you can expect the rise of originality in content and images in order to make sites stand out from the crowd. More and more sites have commissioned their own bespoke designs, illustrations, and photography instead of using stock photos. Brands make use of this idea to create identity and authenticity. Many brands will not be trusted by consumers if they look too generic or lack originality. In order to take advantage of the benefits behind this trend, businesses should look carefully at their brand image and see how they can use photography and images, as well as video, to their best advantage. Creating original visual content may be more expensive but it can pay back dividends in the form of increased brand recognition and trust.


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Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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