How to Make Professional Screencast Videos with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac allows you to record any of your favorite show online in just a few simple steps. It allows you to record movies on all sites no matter if it is a public video sharing site or video subscription sites. The movie that is recorded with the screen recorder can be saved in any format. You can save the movie in a mobile friendly format if you are always on the go and want to watch the movie while you are traveling. By recording the movie with the screen recorder tool, you don’t need to have internet connection to watch it.

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac has provided all the tools that are necessary for recording video on Mac. If you are recording a movie that is playing on a small video player frame, you must set the recording frame over it exactly. At first, when you click the cross hair cursor on anywhere on the desktop, the recording frame will be set to Display 1 resolution which means record in full screen. You must choose from one of the presets in the drop down menu before the frame will become adjustable.

The recording frame is not affixed to the area where you place so you must take care not to move the window. If you move the window, the recording frame will be out of place and you have to adjust it over the video player again. If the speakers are detected, the audio system button will appear green which means it can record any sound released from the speakers. If you don’t want to record your speakers and want to add a voiceover instead, you can deselect the system audio option and click on the microphone button to enable voiceover recording.

You can uncheck the show cursor option under Cursor Effects in the Capture drop down menu to prevent the cursor from being recorded. By unchecking the show cursor option, it won’t show the cursor when you move it across the video player to click the play and stop button. Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac supports webcam recording feature. If you want to do a face to face recording, you can press the webcam recording. You know your webcam is working if there is light on your webcam when you click the webcam button.

It is best not to do anything else on the computer screen after you press the REC button to start the recording. You can go to Capture > Schedule Recording to schedule the recording to end on its own if you don’t have time to monitor the video recording. If you already recorded a screencast and quit the program, you can go back to edit by clicking on the Edit captured files button on the welcome screen. The most recent screencast that you have captured can be accessed from the screencast editor tool. In the save as dialog box, you can click the gear wheel button to perform advanced configuration on the video format that you have selected.

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