Tips to Choose Good Color Scheme in Designing a Website

Many people aren’t sure about good website color schemes that they need to apply in their website. Moreover, they will scare to choose when they think that they don’t have ability in color coordination or think that they are not a designer that can design a website well. First, you should know three main things about designing a website;

  • The color of the logo or headline

  • Choose complementary colors with great combination

  • Apply the colors in the right part of the website

It might be quite tricky to pick and mix the colors. The good combination will make the website harmonious but the wrong combination will make the website look terrible. Make a balanced color combination that is not too much or too little. Some tips below may help you in choosing the right color in website design.

The Effects of Colors in Website and Brand Identity Improvement

Color brings a great effect to the improvement of brand identity and also the website. You can see the power of color in the logo of great brands in the world. For example, Coca Cola. Everyone who is asked his/ her opinion about the brand name, they will not only think about a bottle of iced coke but also the red logo or the coke brand. Yes, the coke brand is always related to the red logo and the red color of the logo has become a great part of the soft drink.

The choosing of the red logo is not about an accidental decision. They choose the red color for the two important reasons;

  • The red color like a fire engine makes the coke looks more special than the competitors on the store shelves.

  • Each color got different emotion or feeling that is attached in it. The red color brings the feeling of excitement, love, boldness and also passion.

Because the company wants to bring the senses into their brand logo, then they choose the red color for their coke. You will also get the similar appeal when you choose the right color for your website. It will become the beginning to make your website memorable. Most people choose a brand by firstly getting interested to the color. Yes, you can improve the brand recognition by using the right color. Furthermore, the brand recognition will link directly to the consumer confidence.

You may agree that website color schemes can be like a magic that brings great advantages. However, you should know how to choose the right color to make the color works like magic.

The Right Way to Use Color for Your Website

In designing a website, you should consider three main colors to choose, such as;

  1. The dominant color that will become the brand color of your website.

  2. 1 or 2 accent colors to become the color schemes of the website

  3. A background color that make the website design completed.

You have to understand the meaning of each color and then choose the right color to achieve the purpose of the business.

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