Main Reasons Why Users Abandon A Mobile App

Today’s competitive mobile marketing landscape, every mobile app developer or team invest substantial amounts on mobile advertising to acquire new users for their lovely applications. However most of app owners fail to keep acquired users in their app because of several problems of their mobile app which makes them out of pocket to grow mobile app further. So, let’s highlight most common situations which make mobile app users quit and never come back again.

Bad Impression

First impression of users with your app is most crucial factor for whether they come back or not. Most of users open an app and tamper with a little then quit immediately. Reason behind this issue is a lack of navigation because every user expects guidance when they enter a new mobile app. But how do you guide best to leave the best first impression on your users? Well, behave them like they are entering something extra new for them which is your app. Navigate them in simplicity avoiding too much texts and low quality images and guide them to your app’s best features which makes them amazed. Always monitor what users doing in app onboarding stage to determine fall off and abandonment points.

Lack of Quality

Quality is one of the most determinant factor for users’ decision whether they stay or leave. Nobody want to see low quality images, nonsense colors and awful fonts, right? Therefore, app owners need to pay extra attention on latest user experience trends to keep their app’ qualified and up to date.

Invading Privacy

One of the things that mobile users are mostly afraid of is abuse of their personal information through their mobile phones. Some apps have to use some data from users like location, camera, calendar etc. to enable further functions and improve user experience. These mobile apps can’t reach personal information without the approval of user. To get approval, app owners need to make people feel safe with explaining reason of use but before that they need to build their trust by creating privacy policy and brand awareness.

Annoying Adverts

Another thing that makes users sick is disruptive and intrusive in app advertising. Nobody wants to be disrupted in the middle of some activity so app owners need to apply user friendly advertising methods to keep their mobile app engaging and fun.

Constant Crashes

Last thing that annoy users when they use a mobile app is constant crashes and errors that ruin users’ experience. To avoid crash and errors, app developers need to define where and when their app crashed to tackle the problem. There are some useful crash reporting tools that mobile app developers use, which gives extensive reports of bugs in a mobile app.

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