EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free 11.0 version: Restore Lost Data Easily

The procedure of restoring the data that has been removed by mistake or lost because of some system failures is called data recovery. In most cases, data is lost due to human mistake – because of inattentiveness. This reason occupies the first place. The second place takes different malicious attacks. But they happen less often.

Data can be lost because of various reasons, among them, there are:

  • accidental formation of hard drive, SSD, memory card, mirco card and so on,
  • logical errors of the system,
  • software failures,
  • corruption of the firewall,
  • physical damages of devices and memory cards.

There are special data recovery software programs can ensure a fast and effective way of restoring the lost data. But various software programs operate according to different logic. It depends of the conditions and reasons of data loss.

Usually, data restoring software programs create the backup. But if some files were removed by accident and they were not backed up, then it would be possibleto restore these files too. The matter is that the fragments of data are still stored on the hard disk, even despite the fact that they have been deleted.

Besides that, the actual file and the information about this file are placed in different locations –they are not stored in the same place. So if the file is not corrupted or damaged, then there will not difficulties to restore it. But in the case of data encryption, then it is possible to use alternative ways of file restoring.

Some companies use special products for DLP. It is an abbreviation for data loss prevention. Such products are used in order to detect and prevent data leaks. The data loss prevention products can be divided into two types: stand-alone products and integrated ones.

And now, a new solution for data restoring is available. On the 6th of February, EaseUS has provided updated versions of their data recovery software:

  • Wizard Free Edition 11.0
  • Wizard Professional version 11.0
  • Wizard Technician Edition 11.0
  • Data Recovery Bootable Media 11.0

The company provides 30 days of money back guarantee if the clients have bought Data Recovery Wizard Pro or Pro+WinPE for different operation systems. All transactions are fully protected. All paid and free data recovery software products have 24×7 service and support.

The improved version 11.0 has the following new feature:

  • Updated and rebranded interface. The procedure of utilizing the software becomes more convenient and easier.
  • The mechanism for scanning data operates faster and the checking is more through and precise. After scanning, the user will get more results. Data recovery becomes more effective.
  • In order not to miss something really important among the results provided after scanning, the procedure of filtering these results has also been improved. Now the process is optimized and the user can easily and fast find the required files without any troubles.
  • The product is available in the Turkish and Arabic languages.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free version 11.0 will ensure even better user experience. Besides that, the company provides various solutions. That is data recovery software, backup products and partition manager. And all the mentioned software products are free.

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