Top Ways to Get Genuine Instagram Followers in 2017

If you want to get Instagram followers in 2017, the following strategies should be a top priority.

Strategically Post Instagram Comments
One of the best ways to start growing your Instagram followers is by thoughtfully commenting on other users’ posts. By “thoughtful”, we mean, don’t just post generic comments like “cool info”. You need to make comments that are genuine. It’s important to be more strategic, actually reading the post and other comments. If you really want to get more genuine Instagram followers, start by putting together a list of brands that have an audience that’s similar to yours. Then, actively visit and engage with their accounts, checking out their most recent posts, leaving genuine comments, trying to make your comment the last so it’s remains visible as long as possible. Adding a few fun emoji’s into the mix can’t hurt either.

Running an Instagram contest is a great way to gain exposure, which will in turn help you get genuine Instagram followers. Come up with a compelling 3 to 5day contest, rewarding the winners with prizes that they can relate to. You may want to partner up with another brand and promote the contest to both of your target audiences and share one another’s followers. It also makes it easier to come up with content if you have a partner to share ideas with.

Start Using Instagram Stories
These are multipurpose, effective ways to cultivate meaningful relationships with your target audience. Instagram stories also provide you with the possibility to be recommended on Instagram. Take a look at the Explore page and check out the row of Instagram Stories located the top of the page. Stories show up here because Instagram chose them because of the posts you’ve liked and the accounts you follow. Instagram will even put your Stories in front of accounts that you follow and have liked, or that were liked by a lot of people. In order to get on Instagram’s Explore page, you need to create ultra-targeted, super engaging content.

Sharing Appealing Videos
Videos can be a powerful strategy for brands wanting to build trust with their followers, get genuine Instagram followers and increase engagement. Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to posts with greater engagement, meaning the higher the number of likes and comments your posts receive, the more people will be able to see your posts.

Use Hashtags
Having a sound Instagram hashtag strategy is an extremely important component for virtually any online marketer’s hoping to get genuine Instagram followers. Start by figuring out what hashtags your target audience actively uses and look for posts that use that specific hashtag. When you find some good ones, like and comment to connect with your community.

Instagram generates an engagement rate of over 600 million proactive monthly users, so it just makes sense to make the recommendations mentioned here a priority if you want to get genuine Instagram followers in 2017.

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