Five Essentials for Your E-commerce Website

The internet is a fast-paced world, so your website needs to be up to the task of attracting visitors and keeping their attention long enough to make a purchase. To keep your website performing at optimum levels, you need to make sure that the following five elements are in place.


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1 Social Media links

Most business nowadays understand the importance of maintaining a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but there’s more to an active campaign than simply posting the occasional update. According to Entrepreneur, brands are already using social media sites for advertising, raising their online profile and interacting with customers to resolve customer service issues. This is set to increase, with companies using these sites to launch new products and develop new marketing strategies to raise their business profiles.

2 Mobile website

With more internet users than ever before now accessing websites through their smartphones and tablets, having a mobile-friendly website isn’t optional. Failure to provide your customers with a mobile-friendly site won’t just alienate your current visitors either – search engines take a dim view of non-mobile-friendly websites and penalise them in the rankings.

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3 Excellent payment facilities

Making it difficult for your customers to pay for your goods or services is a serious error, and one that no business can afford to make. Checkout needs to be quick, easy and intuitive, with no chance of bugs or glitches that could cause your site to freeze at an inopportune moment. Whether you’re in search of web design in Belfast, Birmingham or Buckfastleigh, look out for organisations with in-depth knowledge and understanding of ecommerce. Choosing a company such as means that your website ecommerce will perform to an exceptionally high standard at all times.

4 Paid search

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a smart and effective way of generating new leads of a very high quality. Google Adwords is one of the most popular choices and is easy to set up yourself, or ask your web design team to set it up for you.

5 Directory listings

Try to get your business listed in as many online directories as possible to increase your marketing range. The more frequently your business appears, the more credible it seems to visitors, so make it easy for potential customers to find your site.

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