Five websites offering great 3D models

There are lots of websites that offer a selection of 3D models that you can buy. From professional 3D models that can be used in film and CG projects to other real-time apps, here are five websites that offer fantastic 3D models.

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TurboSquid specialises in developing great 3D models for gaming, animation and graphic design. The company spends time creating unique 3D structures that can be bought, saving customers lots of time. In fact, the website says that customers save around 27 hours per purchase, making it easier for designers and artists to focus on more creative pursuits.

TurboSquid also has the biggest online library of 3D models in the world, currently boasting over 300,000 3D models in its library, as well as 120,000 other products that you can buy –


3DOcean offers around 50,000 3D textures and models, and the prices are very affordable, which is probably why the site has almost nine million members!

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Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock comes with lots of 3D assets that you can buy, including 3D models, materials and lights that are customisable. You will also be able to use Photoshop CC and Project Felix, giving you access to millions of unique images and templates – although you will need to subscribe to Creative Cloud for this bonus. The app also comes with tutorials for beginners.

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CGTrader is one of the leading online digital art libraries, offering CG graphics, as well as VR, AR, and gaming models. This is ideal for virtual reality and augmented reality projects, as well as computer gaming projects.


Digimation offers over 16,000 unique 3D assets, including digitised vehicles, landscapes, landmarks, human anatomy and 3D geography. However, it is worth noting that this website is fairly expensive, so you may want to avoid it if you are on a budget.

Gelato VFX

Gelato VFX is a boutique VFX studio that is based in Manchester and it has an online 3D scanning store that can be used by any customer. This can be used to create amazing photoreal images. Gelato offers a huge range of products that can be used, and a surface scan will only cost around £5 – so it is very affordable!

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