How to Properly Maintain Email List Hygiene

Considering the importance, it’s quite surprising the need for Email List Hygiene is not widely known. Every email marketer seems to always worry about their deliverability rates and the quality of their content. Is the advertisement good enough? Could the campaign be more interesting? While maintaining deliverability is of paramount, quality content is not the only thing they must put into consideration.

One of the best methods to improve deliverability rates is by improving list hygiene. Unlike maintaining hygiene in real life, this one takes a bit more effort than soap and water. Below are the most common and effective way to do it.

Remove inactive subscribers

The general practice is to simply get rid of contacts that haven’t opened any of your emails in the past 6-months. Other than to ensure effectiveness, one of the primary reasons is to avoid spam trap on your contact list. This typically happens when an email account has been inactive for a long period of time. When an account is inactive for so long, their ISP typically would have ‘gravestoned’ in the process.

Therefore, many industry professionals strongly advise list purging once every 12 to 18 months. To retain some subscribers, you may add “this is your last email” on your final email before removing them. Another benefit of purging is a spike in open rates. Once you have gotten rid of inactive contacts on your list, the opener ratio increases upwards to 25-percent. This results in higher engagement.

Email list building practices for better list hygiene

While applying the usual list-building practices is still a good idea, experts have found better practices to avoid potential spam complaints and hard bounces. Some of them can be seen in the following list.

·         Apply double opt-in method

This method requires new subscribers to click on a link sent with confirmation email. Until then, these subscibers are not actually subscribed. Many marketers have reservations due to the fact that it reduces opt-in rates by 30-percent. However, compared to single opt-in method, it increases engagement rate which is good for your list hygiene.

·         Never purchase an email list

Buying an email list is an old age practice many marketers tend to do. But nothing screams poor hygiene and contains spam trap which will then be followed with complains.

While on paper these are considered a solid method, some of these practices may hurt your revenue if not done properly. So how do email marketers pull it off the right way without having to risk consequences? has the answer. Offering a myriad of services to ensure your marketing efficiency, covers all of your list hygiene and needs.

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