An introduction to wholesale VoIP

Offering products and services wholesale makes a lot of sense in a variety of contexts; interestingly enough, this is an ethos that has been applied to VoIP telephony.

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Let’s take a look at what investing in VoIP wholesale has to offer customers and why this technology is gaining momentum.

The basics

Wholesale VoIP shares the same features and advantages as the rest of the web-based voice calling market. Communication between users is handled digitally via a broadband connection and it is possible to make calls from a range of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and compatible fixed-line handsets.

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The kind of wholesale service offered by specialists such as means that providers can effectively re-sell this type of solution to other organisations, enabling them to create unique packages and promote VoIP deals in whatever way they see fit.

The upshot of this approach is that services can be made available as affordably as possible whilst retaining the flexibility and versatility of VoIP. Furthermore, it is possible for providers to jump on this lucrative bandwagon without having to splash out significant sums to create the necessary infrastructure to support it themselves.

The evolution of wholesale VoIP

Now that you understand the underpinnings of this marketplace, it is sensible to think about how it is growing and being shaped both by the technology that facilitates it and by the demands and expectations of those who use it.

In recent years, for example, the trend has been for VoIP to be packaged with other useful communications solutions rather than existing as a service in its own right. Business and domestic users alike expect to be able to use voice calls alongside instant messaging and video tools to engage with others and ultimately collaborate on a range of projects.

This kind of integration has seen VoIP paired with chat apps, which has generated billions of conversations each year.

The market is subject to other pressures, of course, not only relating to the features that customers want to see but also to the prices they are willing to pay to access them. The cheap cost of calling via VoIP when compared with traditional services means that wholesalers need to make sure their overheads are minimised and their services optimised to secure success and keep up with the competition.

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