Advantages and disadvantages of using Instagram marketing

Most organizations use social media platforms such as Instagram when they want to advertise their products. However, a large number still do not use Instagram to advertise because it is smaller than some sites. You can increase your Instagram followers if you buy 50k instagram followers cheap.

You should keep in mind that the use of Instagram is important but it still has its drawbacks. Below are some of the pros and cons associated with using Instagram for marketing.


Pictures and videos are very valuable in communicating. Almost all companies use images to represent their businesses. In addition, people get easily attracted to good photos. Showing your audience the value of your product through photos is crucial.

It is important to note that Instagram makes content go viral quickly especially if you have a large fan base. You should provide real value of your product in a picture so that it can go viral. This increases the number of people visiting your page hence higher chances of getting clients.

Instagram reduces the amount of work you have to do when marketing. You only have to post a good picture and your followers will do the work of spreading information about your business by making the picture go viral. To achieve all the above benefits, follow the best tips for using Instagram.


Instagram is used majorly by young people who are not the market target for most companies. This makes it not suitable for use in advertising products that are consumed by the older generation. This means that you have to seek an alternative method to advertise which might be more costly.

This application is not business-minded. This is because most users use the application to pass time by going through posts and follow up on their celebrities. You will only find a small number of users that are willing to spend money on your business.

In conclusion, how you utilize Instagram is what determines whether you enjoy more pros than cons or vice versa.

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