How To Measure The Success Of Your Video Campaign

If you want to make your explainer video sale well, you need to measure its success so that you can optimize in your future videos and the past ones too. It seems hard to achieve this but in this article we will see how you can make measure the success of your video campaign. The three objectives to look at are:


Have you targeted the right audience? How well?

Look at the # of the views from your target demographic or you can look at the % of the views of your views from the demographic.


Check if the target audience is engaging with your content, and at what rate. Look at how much watch time the video has achieved, both the total time and the length of time every view is watching.

Check the # of subscribers that your video has earned, or the % of new subscribers you are getting compared to the number of total views.

The number of clicks you are getting on your website is also an important aspect to check.

You can also measure how many clicks you’re getting through to your website.


You need to determine whether your audience is endorsing your content and sharing it. How much are they doing this? To determine this look at the # of shares or the % of shares to views.

A professional from Gram Animation Company pointed out that many marketers and creators think that the lack of views and engagement on their channel is because of lack of exposure so they think that paying to get more views will help them achieve their goals. Spending a lot on something that is not performing doesn’t make it to start to perform well. So analyzing the metrics before goind ahead to promote something is the key to making video explainer videos achieve the goal of bringing the desired returns to your business.

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