How to save 75% of document workflow costs?

In PKO Bank Polski the digital pen technology saves time of the employees, allows to completely eliminate paper in the back office and introduces fully digital document workflow.

IC Pen is an innovative data digitization platform that allows to immediately create digital version of documents filled out on paper, i.e. bank forms, which quickens the customer service and reduces the paper used. Faster customer service, reduction in paper used and automatic digital archiving – are just few of this innovative system’s benefits.

How it works?

The clerks don’t have to scan signed documents nor send them to the central archive anymore, giving up to 75% reduction in processing costs.

Thanks to the IC Pen system only one copy of the contract is printed and signed by the client using IC Pen shortly afterwards. The scan of the document is automatically stored and archived in the system, so the clerks don’t have to scan and index all of the documents after they finish working. Large savings are also due to the fact that the paper documents no longer have to be transported to the archive.

What else can you gain?

∙       WORKFLOW SHORTENING IC Pen saves time and resources needed to scan, rewrite, transport and archive documents.

∙       EASY IMPLEMENTATION IC Pen is easily integrated into existing workflows and ICT systems. Data can be easily exported to XLS, PDF, CSV etc.

∙       BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE When you place a signature using the digital pen, your behavioral and biometric features are saved, recognized, differentiated and compared. This is the way for a legally valid authorisation of docu-mentation electronically that everybody is able to use in any time.

The IC Pen system does not force a change in everyday habits and allows the use of technology wherever there is concern about the negative effects of digital exclusion. Thus, it is a response to many contemporary problems of institutions in which the circulation of documents occurs, e.g. in healthcare or public administration. It guarantees time savings thanks to the possibility of complete switching off the scanning or typing data into the computer, which comprehensively solves the problem of computerisation of many organizations and institutions. Paper archives become unnecessary, thus not depriving the possibility of authorising documents in a natural, understandable and friendly way.

Or maybe a tablet?

The IC Pen system provides more than digital pen technology – it is a platform that can collect data from a variety of interfaces – documents filled in with a digital pen on paper, style on the tablet or signed on a Wacom device. The combination of two independent ways of creating documents – with a pen on a sheet of paper (IC Pen) and a stylus on the screen (IC Stylus) – makes the IC’s biometric platform for data digitalization innovative on a global scale. It is the only solution of this type in the world that allows the user to choose the type of device (pen or tablet) he wants to use when creating a document.

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