The benefits of IT support

Single point of contact is a service where we take over the entire responsibility of the customer to identify and conclude contracts with new IT & C vendors. Therefore, you will always benefit from the guarantee of the best choices made, of obtaining favorable prices and of quality products and services.

What are the benefits for you?

You enjoy premium IT services and transparent contracting. We are not afraid to offer the best prices, because we have learned exactly what you need.

You can create 100% personalized subscriptions. We’ve created four standard subscriptions, but they can be tailored to suit your business needs, keeping the price advantage.

You have access to free IT support, promptly, in terms and performance indicators guaranteed by contract

Get preferential prices when buying new IT products/services to take your business to the next level

Our offer is presented in the form of services it organizes in monthly subscriptions, designed to represent a complete solution for the needs of our clients. By choosing a monthly subscription, you benefit from fixed monthly, predictable, and secure collaboration with an IT support in New York.

A new approach: reorganizing the IT department

Currently, companies are undergoing a reorganization process

Print management

  • provides details on the status of printers and print servers in the network
  • facilitates the installation of connections from the printer to a client computer group at the same time
  • monitors remote print queues
  • identifies printers that have a state of error by using filters
  • send email notifications or scripts when a printer server needs attention
  • ensures important data, such as toner and paper levels.

Automation of processes

  • after completing and verifying the business model and based on which the process diagrams were made, the process automation stage
  • our specialists attach great importance to the correct and complete identification of all the elements that will contribute to the execution of the processes

IT Training

  • we have qualified trainers with the necessary experience to organize and support IT training programs for business

training sessions can take place at the company’s headquarters, depending on your activity. See this.

Retail IT equipment

  • we offer our customers the opportunity to rent IT equipment to use their current business
  • rental of IT equipment is a financially optimal business solution for companies in the beginning or undergoing a restructuring process

Information Collection

The most important step is to know your business; we could not start the process without the basics. So we’ll start with a lot of questions like: How many employees do you have? What equipment and software are you using? What services do you currently have? What services do you need?

They give us basic information about your company, how it works, and how it uses technology. Then we can go to the next stage.

Building the foundation

Quality services are just as good as their bases. Before making any major changes, we will correct any errors we may find. These could be configuring proper security, portraying against external attacks, software updates, or providing an internet connection that suits the needs of the company.


At this stage, we will establish the environment. We will improve the existing elements and, if necessary, replace them with more efficient alternatives. This includes organizing and optimizing servers, as well as setting up, testing, and deploying all backups.

Process Improvement

An adequate IT infrastructure must first be properly built and then maintained. We work actively with each of our customers to explain how the system works inside the company in terms of human terms.

Our way of working offers our customers independence, which means full control over the equipment and information on them. While you work with us, we want to do it because we offer unparalleled IT services, not because it is too complicated to replace us.

The advantages of a partnership


  • Local service and support


You’ll get help from a dedicated team of friendly professionals. Full help-desk services help solve problems in the shortest possible time.

Check this out:


  • Infrastructure Management


Covering everything, ranging from daily workstations to workstations to strategic planning and IT budget, technology will become an integral part of your business.


  • Monitoring and maintenance


The equipment is monitored and actively maintained. This reduces downtime, reduces costs and ensures that we continually meet your needs.

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