Hard Work In Affiliate Marketing Will Eventually Pay Off

Experienced and successful affiliate marketers would have told you this: Affiliate is about picking the right product in the right niche. It is about generating the affiliate links, placing the links on the website/blog that you have developed, writing the content and posting the content on your blog/site, and promoting your blog/site and affiliate links to your target audience. You would hope that there will be a portion of your audience who has received your content clicking on your affiliate links and eventually purchasing the products.

You may need to have gained previous experience working with many challenging search engine optimization projects at a SEO agency or even with an in-house SEO project. If you are one of those marketers or professionals who is luckier than others, in your in-house venture you would have seen the operations of many different marketing channels (including social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, forum marketing, blogging, content marketing, Q&A site marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, etc) and have gained the experienced of a more all-rounded internet marketing professional.

With all these items, you are still a long way before you can consistently make the affiliate money. You will have to build up your customer base. Develop a landing page (on your website) with a lead bait and an call-to-action in place, based on the characteristics of your preferred niche. On your landing page you will place a web form which will capture the basic contact information of the potential leads (including first name, email addresses, etc).

The best strategy should consist of diversified tactics. You will never want to put all the eggs in one basket. When you have decided to do it through Facebook where potentially it has more than millions of active users, you will apply the methods similarly as what you have been doing through your blog (with content and SEO). The only major difference is that on Facebook your fan page is hosted on Facebook and there is no optimization towards the search engines.

You start with creating your Facebook fan page and fill in all the necessary information for the page. Then you are on your way to build an audience base. You may get traffic (i.e. audience) to your page with your choice of niche and products by placing ads on Facebook and publishing your posts organically. In order yo build up the audience base, at the same time you should also invite your friends, connections, and acquaintance to like your page. Eventually at the right moments, you will post affiliate links to your audience.

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